4 Spots Arsenal Should look to Strengthen over the summer

Arsenal FC has not had as much depth to their squad in the past as they currently do. Yet there still feels like something is missing.  The quality of the current players can be called into question and many of them have been found wanting this season.

If Arsenal FC want to be considered amongst the top clubs around the world they need to upgrade on 4 key positions:

1.Arsenal needs to buy an established striker that the fans have been crying out for the past 6 seasons. In order to do that they will need to (1)spend the cash and (2)convince the striker of why he should come to Arsenal during his prime years. They can do this by promising Champions League opportunities and a push for the  Premier League title.

2. Arsenal needs to upgrade on the left back position. This position has never truly been filled sufficiently since Ashley Cole left Arsenal FC. Our current options are just not up to par and need help by an established professional.

3. Arsenal needs to purchase a proven holding midfielder. This is another position that hasn’t been filled properly since club great Patrick Vieira left. The need for a holding midfielder is great due to the style of play employed by Arsene Wenger.

4. Arsenal needs to purchase a young goalkeeper that is hungry for success and willing to learn. This potential long term replacement can learn a lot from seasoned professional and serial Premier League winner Petr Cech.

Arsenal should look to ensure they can bring some leaders with a winning mentality into the squad. Arsenal needs to bring in real fighters who won’t give up and put up a fight, thats the least the fans deserve.

One thought on “4 Spots Arsenal Should look to Strengthen over the summer

  1. Yes, with the help of the PSG Veratti, Rakitic of BARCELONA, Mbamppe of MONAC0, James Rodriguez of REAL MADRID, and Lacazett of LYON, Arsenal can win the premiership once again.
    Please Wenger, buy all of them.


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