Arsene Wenger Should Stay

Arsene Wenger Should Stay.

Despite all the shenanigans by some parts of the Arsenal Fan Base, Arsene Wenger has stuck to his guns and has tried to continue to do what he does best. Manage Arsenal Football Club.

No other team in the world has qualified for the Champions League consecutively for 20 years and Arsene Wenger should get the credit he deserves for his service to Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has overseen the transition from the Arsenal Stadium to the Emirates Stadium. He has had to deal with all the financial constraints that come from the board and upper management due to such moves. He has even been forced to sell his best players throughout this time to help finance the move and keep the club afloat amid intense pressure.

He has kept Arsenal Football Club buoyant while rich Russian and Arab businessman have come into ownership of other top Premier League clubs. They have more money to spend and hence can buy the best players on the market. Arsene Wenger has had a limited budget but has continued to do the impossible and keep Arsenal FC competitive throughout his tenure as manager.

Arsene Wenger has had many major offers from top Football Clubs around the world throughout his career but has stayed loyal to Arsenal FC. He could have left to any top club with more finances to splash but he took the harder route of building a club and a establishing a fanbase all over the world. He has helped grow some of the best players in the world at Arsenal FC rather than buy already well established players.

Arsenal Football Club=Arsene Wenger.This can be seen in the way they play football, the types of players they have at the club, and in the manner the club handles its public dealings.

I understand it can be frustrating not to win titles. If the board decides to sack the long-serving manager these are some questions they along with fans should consider:
1.Is there any guarantee another manager will come in and immediately bring in success? 2.Are there any top managers available on the market right now?
3.How much time will we give the new manager to prove himself?
4.Will the new manager be a long term solution or a stop/gap solution?
5.Every manager has his own playing style and it takes time for the players to fully grasp it, how long will that take?

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